Building your Camelot today
White Knight Builders LLC is a General Contractor specializing in quality
upscale homes in and around Rochester, Minnesota.
Our attention to detail and our refusal to accept anything but the best
insures that our homes are built with the quality that you expect.
When you enter a White Knight Home you know that not only are you
walking into a home that speaks quality and elegance but it is also a home
that is comfortable and inviting.
White Knight Homes are built to retain that quality with close attention to
structural integrity and moisture protection. So not only will you notice our
attention to the small details like plentiful built-ins and color coordination,
but if you look, you will also find that our foundations and framing are built to
last, the way they should be.
If you are looking for a quality built home and not just the most square foot
for the dollar you deserve a home built by White Knight Homes LLC
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835 4th Ave. NW
White Knight Builders LLC